Reflections of Anna Sophia Robb

Anna Sophia Robb @ Young Hollywood Awards 2013

And, of course, August 6, 1945. Godalmighty, the Atom Bomb. Was that a date! (laughs)

[At this point, several people talk briefly to W.S.B. Jello Biafra, lead singer for the Dead Kennedys, asks if William is familiar with the cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks, that keep reappearing in laboratories all over the world. S. Clay Wilson asks an unbelievably gauche question: “Bill, when you stared at your foot all that time when you were strung out in Morocco or wherever it was—did you have your shoe on or off?” WSB answers with matter-of-fact politeness: “Oh, no, I left my shoe on. I'd rather look at my foot with the shoe on than off…”]

W.S. Burroughs excerpt from RE/Search #4/5

A great deal of lengthy mirror-gazing